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Records and Documents Management System

Records and Documents Management System

Our Records and Documents Management System provides the ability to digitise any records and documents as well as digital documentation continuity. The solution provides the following key elements:

  • Management of Electronic Records, storage and retrieval;
  1. Electronic Records Management,
  2. Physical Records Management,
  3. Documents management and workflows and
  4. Consultancy Services and training.
    • Hosting of electronic records through cloud/internal on-prem storage,
    • Location, capturing and retrieval strategy for onsite physical storage, and
    • Maintenance and support services
    • Documents management system with workflows
    • Document management collaboration tools


Our system is able to create, store, scan and record various physical records into electronic media. The system provides security and confidentiality whereby records can be retrieved, scanned, indexed and electronically stored in a manner that is easily and readily accessible.

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August 23, 2022